Buy Small Win Big With Colgate (January 20 – March 31, 2014)

Shop Owner!

With any purchase of J$5,000 or more worth of Colgate-Palmolive® products you could be a winner of 1 of 9 prizes.


  • Buy at least J$5,000 worth of Colgate-Palmolive® products (not including GCT) and get an entry coupon.
  • J$5,000 is equivalent to one (1) coupon.
  • Purchase must include Colgate® toothpaste.
  • Fill out the entry coupon and correctly complete the promotion slogan “BUY SMALL WIN BIG”. Drop it in the entry box at participating wholesalers, return it to your van salesman or mail it to:Buy Small Win Big with Colgate
    P.O. Box 4, 216 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 11.
  • Verification of purchase will be done by the Wholesaler or Van Salesman before issuance of coupon.
  • Prizes must be claimed within 14 days of notification