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Human Resources

Passionate People … building Great Brands….. That’s who we are at Kirk – members of the team each striving to be the best, catapulting our company to the No. 1 position in our industry.  We are proud of the achievements that we have accomplished since we began operations in January 2006 – a feat which could not have been realized without our greatest asset – our people.

We engender a culture of teamwork, learning and development here at Kirk…. with each team member understanding the importance of his/her critical role in our operations.

Mission Statement

We are brand builders and industry leaders.

Committed to exceeding the expectations of our Customers, Consumers and Suppliers.

Our people are our greatest asset; their diversified talents, skills and dedication enable us to add value to our shareholders and the communities in which we operate.


We are a fast-expanding and highly diversified distributor in the Caribbean where the most talented Jamaicans aspire to work.

We leverage our resources and unmatched capabilities to identify winning global opportunities and partnerships.

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Respect
  • Care for People
  • Accountability
  • Passion for Winning