Cotoliva Olive Oil

Cotoliva Pomace Olive oil contains oil that comprises exclusively of emulsified oils that are obtained by processing olive pomace and emulsified oils, obtained directly from olives. Product of Spain.


Softee are available in table napkins and hand towels. Both are environmentally friendly. Table napkins contain a package of 100 one ply napkins which are suitable for everyday use during any meal throughout the day. The hand towels are approximately 100 sheets per roll, 279mm x 229mm in dimension and strong enough to clean or wipe surfaces.

Victory Garbage Bags

Victory Degradable Garbage Bags with EPI TPDA will be stable under proper storage conditions. This product has a definite shelf life and is influenced by environmental factors such as heat, mechanical stress, exposure to sunlight, oxygen and the elements of time. Product of Trinidad & Tobago