Fabric Care Tips

Whether you prefer hand wash or machine wash, following these washing tips will leave your clothes bright, clean and fresh. Remember to read the care labels of your clothes before washing them yourself.

Collect all your soiled clothes from the rooms, or wherever you keep them.
Sort the clothes into piles, each of which will be washed separately:

  • Dark colored clothes
  • White clothes
  • Towels
  • Jeans
  • Light colored clothes
  • Bright colored clothes, denim, or delicate apparel (whatever is appropriate).

Choose which pile you want to wash first.

Prepare all of your clothes. Empty all of your pockets of any pens, money, or important papers (although money can survive a wash). Close zippers to prevent snagging. Also, turn decorated t-shirts inside out, to eliminate peeling of decor.

Treat any heavy stains with a stain remover like AJAX Bleach before washing.

Add an appropriate amount of detergent into the washing machine. Your detergent bottle should have a chart that tells what amount should be used for your wash load. If using a High Efficiency or front loading washing machine with soft water, use minimum recommended amount of detergent. Add liquid softener if desired. If you need to add bleach, put it in appropriate dispenser. Always handle bleach carefully as it can cause harm to skin, eyes and clothing if it splashes.

Select the appropriate water temperature

Add clothes to the washer but do not over stuff the washer as the clothes won’t be cleaned well if there is too much laundry in it.

After the clothes are washed, shake them out so they will dry easier and with fewer wrinkles.

Choose which drying level you want, whether for colors or whites. Add a dryer sheet, if desired, to soften your fabric