Genethics Pharmaceuticals Salve®

A powerful yet gentle antimicrobial liquid, Salve® Antiseptic Liquid has made a significant impact as a versatile product that can tackle varying surfaces and still deliver germ-free results.  Strong enough to tackle floors, countertops and other living spaces, the liquid antiseptic has a sting-free formula that can also be used to clean cuts, grazes, stings and bites.  It is also a great antibacterial wash that can be used for personal hygiene, even for persons with eczema, acne and other skin disorders.

If used properly, Salve® remains effective for at least 6 hours after it has been applied to any surface as its active ingredients (cetrimide and chorhexidine) effectively destroys a wide range of bacteria.

For First Aid:        Dilute 5ml of salve in 100ml of water and apply to scrapes, cuts and wound
General Antiseptic:    Use 60-90ml of Salve in 1L to 1.5l of water

Salve® has three convenient sizes:
•    A 125ml travel size small enough to carry in bags
•    A 250ml family size convenient enough to be used by all members of the family
•    A 500ml economy size that gives the best value for money