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Incontinence is the inability to control the excretion of waste from the body and results from the weakening of pelvic and abdominal muscles, diaphragm and control nerves.  Predominantly a problem of the elderly, the scope has increased to include persons that have had spinal injury, surgical or baby delivery complications and much more.
The inconvenience of the lack of control has increased the dependence on adult disposable diapers and Affective®, with its range of products has proven that absorbency plus fit makes Affective® effective.  With three categories of products, consumers have affordable options to keep their loved ones comfortable:

  • Affective® Safe Pants:  Otherwise known as pull-ups, this absorbent product is worn similar to traditional underwear.
  • Affective® Active:  A traditional disposable diaper with side fasteners for the user that leads a more active lifestyle, and requires more absorbency, and protection with enhanced side barriers.
  • Affective® Classic:  A traditional disposable diaper with side fasteners for the more sedentary user that has little or no mobility.