Colgate-Palmolive’s Clean and Revive Your Home (July 1 – July 31, 2013)

Win A BIG CASH prize of $1,000 USD or one of two cash prizes of $500 USD with the purchase of two (2) or more Colgate-Palmolive home care products you will have the opportunity to participate. Instant prizes when promoters are in-store. Correctly complete the entry coupon and drop it in the box at the […]

The Great Cleanup Contest April 19 – July 19, 2013

Buy One AJAX Bleach plus any one of the following: Genie Sudsil Cold Power Niagara For a chance to win: Grand Prize     $100,000 Second Prize   $50,000 Third Prize      $20,000 Authorized under section 58 (c) of the Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act.

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