Personal Care

Irish Spring

Perhaps the most well known spring in the world, Irish Spring is a Jamaican household favourite. Explore our full range of Irish spring products.


What’s in a name? Protex says it all. Powerful bacteria fighting ingredients  that protect your skin with a pleasing fragrance.


Care for your skin with Natural moisture. Enjoy 100% of nature’s extracts for soft, smooth, radiant skin.


Refresh gently cleanses the skin, and is mild enough for daily use. It nourishes the skin with powerful antioxidant and preserves the skin’s natural moisture barrier.


Made from natural ingredients, pure Castile soap is gentle enough for very sensitive skin.

Carib Carbolic


Inside each box or bottle is a feast for your senses: luscious fruit fragrances and natural extracts.  Lather, rinse, revitalize.

Speed Stick Deodorant

Speed Stick® Antiperspirant Sticks are highly effective and offer both antiperspirant and deodorant benefits. The formula glides smoothly on skin and leaves less residue.


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