Good N’ Natural

Good N’ Natural Whole Wheat Flour

Good N’ Natural Coconut Milk Powder

The coconut milk powder is hygienically prepared from fresh coconut milk.  Powdered coconut milk is the quick and easy way to cook with no grating, squeezing, fuss or mess.  Just add warm water and stir to get that rich and creamy milk ideal for curries, desserts, cocktails, confectionary, filling for waffles, donuts, puddings,  ice cream flavour and yogurt.  No preservatives are offered in this product.

Good N’ Natural Instant Ginger Tea

Good N Natural Ginger Tea Natural Drink is made solely from crushed ginger root to obtain a concentrated juice with strong ginger taste and pungent aroma.  Oleoresin oil in ginger is useful for relief of stomach gases and nasal congestion.  Ginger root contains carbohydrates, calcium, protein, phosporus, Vitamin B & B2, C and Niacin.

Good N’ Natural Vegetable Oil

Good N’ Natural Vegetable Oil offers a mild and versatile flavour and can be used to create a variety of dishes and pastries.

Product of Jamaica


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